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Thank you for staying on top of the latest in the compensation world. I love your blog and find it so useful to my career and our business!

Thanks, Kelly. Comments like yours make it all worthwhile!

Conference Board April update is at 2.5%.

As far as you know, can we freely exchange compensation information with companies that are not competitors? In other words, would it be an ant-trust violation if you did so?


Thanks for the update - I should keep an eye on Conference Board as well. Good reminder.


The exchange of compensation information is regulated by anti-trust regulations regardless of whether the company is a business competitor or not. For more, see my most recent post on these regulations...



What is the source for your statement about salary surveys done by non-competitors being regulated by anti-trust laws? I can't find a legal reference that says this.




The post link referenced earlier goes directly to the regulations. It is my understanding that this is not limited to "business competitors" but applies more broadly to "labor market competitors" or any organizations who might be competing for the same talent. Survey companies (and their legal advisors) that I know of and work with take the position that the safe harbor rules must be applied across the board.

There is a related conversation going on within the WorldatWork online community that you might want to check out (if you aren't already registered as a community member, you will be asked to do so -it's free...)


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