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Interesting. I wonder if this might eventually be solved by adopting new nomenclature -- e.g., HR people who no longer want to be pigeon-holed by all that "HR" has come to mean to company power brokers may eventually choose to call themselves something else. I've never really liked the term "Human Resources" anyway, which I'm sure sounded enlightened to someone at some point... but always makes me think of the management book I once read with a chapter that lumped "human resources" (meaning "staff") and "other equipment."


What would you recommend that HR people do to get a seat at the table?



This might be my cynicism popping through, but I think we HR folks have played around plenty with our nomenclature. Too much monkeying around with what we call ourselves is - to my mind - only applying whitewash to a bigger question of how we are approaching our work.


I would point you to Kris Dunn's (the HR Capitalist) thoughts on the topic, at



In addition to developing a deeper understanding of business - specifically the business we are supporting - we must, as Kris says, be remarkable!

Hi Ann - I just wanted to compliment you on your blog. I think your topics and analysis of issues are fantastic. I really have been enjoying reading your posts. I'm contributing over at Fistful of Talent with Kris and am going to use you as a beacon for what a great HR bloggie can become!



Thanks for the compliment, and for reading!

Everyone - if you're not already reading Fistful of Talent, time to start. You'll find it at -


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