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Enjoyed getting to know you a little better, and what a nice mixture of other blogs to explore (I'm always looking for good ones!) And hey.. I'd have tagged you too but you already got tagged a BUNCH of times.. !! :)


Thanks - I have also enjoyed, through this exercise, getting to know a number of my fellow bloggers a bit better. Including you!

Hi Anne,
Thanks for the compliment of recognition, and for sharing your own eight. As I did a tag exchange some months back, I don't want to force myself doubly on my readers, but if you don't mind my taking a little of your comment space, I'll list mine here.

1. I drove a cab part time in NYC while in college;
2. I play pedal steel guitar;
3. The family history is all Nebraska;
4. I love swimming in outdoor pools in the summer time;
5. I have Sammy the Friendly Dog, a chow-samoyed mix;
6. I have a BA in philosophy and an MBA which qualifies me as schizophrenic;
7. I have come to love New Jersey after having been here 15 years
8. blogging is great.


Thanks for the list and for your willingness to share it here!

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