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This brings to question, if, as an employee, should I be looking at "job-hopping" from one company to another every X years, especially if the current position is not rewarding the employees comparable to regional salaries? If so, how long between positions should one stay? If not, what is the incentive then to stay when salary, benefits, or other company incentives, are not equivalent to another position in another company? Are there no long term incentives for keeping valued employees? Are all employees merely "throw-away" or "easily replaceable"? If you can, I'd like your thoughts on this. Thank you.

Bill: You raise a lot of good questions, most of which are about sound career management, rather than organizational compensation strategy. My work and experience is in the latter, in advising companies how to design their pay programs. For wisdom and advice on making good career choices, factoring in pay as well as all the other important considerations, I'd direct you to a great blog on that topic - the Career Encouragement Blog at http://careerencouragement.typepad.com/the_career_encouragement_/

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