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i agree with the post on job evaluation its here to stay as long as people are being paid to work people want to evaluate and see what ammount and quality of work they're getting in return for there payment to the employee each month.

Personally I believe that job evaluation is destined to disapear because nowadays most organizations pay employees according their performance rather than just for the job responsabilities and activities.
Nowadays, employees are required to do more tasks and not only to follow their role defined in their job description. I think job evaluation will be soon replaced by a new method where people will be paid according their performance and the ability to improve their skills.

My previous company did a salary/title banding process about a year and a half ago. Nearly all the employees did not receive any type of raises. But when you compared the new titles with the regional salary ranges, salary adjustments SHOULD have been made. What I found interesting about the process was that NO one asked the managers if the job descriptions were accurate. You can evaluate a person and their job, but you have to have an accurate base or guide to make that evaluation.


In my experience, it is not unusual to go through a salary program development process with an end result of very few salary changes. Typically that means that employee pay is, by and large, already fair and competitive - but an improved process is put in place to ensure that it stays that way into the future. And certainly, accurate job information would typically be a cornerstone of that process.

Thanks for the comments.

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