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Great post, Laura, and couldn't agree more with your bottom line. You really nailed it with the line: "when we talk about hi-pos we’re usually talking about a fairly small, select group of people that are themselves selected by another small, select group."

That's why I believe so strongly in expanding your group of selectors, thereby also expanding your group of selectees to some you may never have expected.

Through our strategic recognition programs (peer-to-peer option a must for this to work properly) we offer a way to find your hidden hi-pos based largely on how often they are recognized by their peers. It's surprising to some how often someone in, for example, an administrative role is uncovered as the go-to person for many people whenever the crunch is on.

How else would your find such hidden hi-po talent unless they are raised up by the sheer appreciation of those they work with?

Thank you, Derek. And good point about expanding the group of people doing the selection.

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