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Your point about two-way communication is a good one; it's also one that often gets ignored.

According to the recent Deloitte/CEBS survey on 2010 total rewards priorities, 48% of companies plan to take inbound communications -i.e., asking employees what works, what doesn't, what they value - more seriously.

One point to add to what you wrote - it's important to remember that when an organization decides to actively solicit input it's critical to "close the loop" and ensure that respondents get some sort of feedback. Respondents who don't get feedback usually feel that their input went into some sort of black hole and, usually, feel worse than if nobody had solicited their opinion in the first place.


Great job of insightfully analyzing the work experience. I particularly like the comments on "beyond compensation".

You are to be given credit for speaking out in the anti-Pink environment of this website and its allied bloggers.

Be prepared to duck!


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