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Darcy, you're right about FLSA determination being a Comp 101 thing...or at least it should be. Unfortantely, I've had more than my fair share of having to unravel tangled messes left where folks have made inaccurate determinations.

Most annoying has been the sheer lack of any notes or documentation as to why the decision was being made one way or the other. That was why we added that as a key feature in our KnowledgePay software.

Might be worth mentioning to your readers about the great resources available from the folks at the DOL. For a good time, spend an afternoon reading through some opinion letters to see if you agree.

I find this to be a major area of confusion for many companies, both non HR AND HR alike. The DOL website does provide alot of guidance, but like most things, there are alot of gray areas and interpretation is often in the eye of the beholder. You just need to make sure your decisions are well documented on why a position was selected to be an exempt position.

Nice article, I also agree that the DOL opinion letter database is a great read.

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