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I very thoughful and much needed post. HR professionals need to show more heart in their everyday dealings. I am getting a bit tired of the meanness with a smile approach.

Klaus Polenta

Thanks for your thoughts, Klaus. This one came from the heart, and I wasn't sure it was really "professional." I'm really glad to hear the ideas worked for you.


Great post, I completely agree!

Good commentary Margaret; from the heart for sure, and the better for it. That's one of the most cogent statements about the power of employee development.
Great job,
Charlie Green

Great ideas, Margaret. Thanks for sharing your heart-felt experiences. To me, separating the heart from the thought is not only an unnecessary step, but one that often takes us further away from the authentic "truth" or "solution". We are human, and the heart is as much a part of that as the mind. Thanks again for helping us to see the goals of new legislation as an opportunity, rather than a burden.

What a great "conversation." Want to come share a bottle of red wine some evening? (I live just above San Francisco now.)

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