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While parsing most of this out is beyond the abilities of my own knowledge set, skill-based (people based) vs. job-based compensation does sound a bit utopian: if nothing else, it seems to ignore both capitalism and human nature.

First, I doubt that we will ever be able to rid ourselves of the need to form hierarchical structures of one kind or another. History is littered with examples of revolutions and counter-revolutions (and anarchy) that've occured whenever we've tried.

And second, if I could ever get the world to compensate me fairly for the skills-based, people-based contribution I've made it by mothering my two delightful children, I'd be richer than Bill Gates.


AB - Nice job of lifting this from its HR context and placing it in a broader life/world framework. And don't get any of us started on the notion of fair and equitable compensation for the overwhelming job of parenting! Thanks for the comment!

Ann - You (and Frank) totally rock with this post! I love it because so much career advice out there is hyped about the fast/fluid company where people and team skills will get you where you want to go thatI am concerned we are raising a generation of generalists who don't see the value in specialization. Time bears out that specialization combined with good people/team skills will lead to greater income and greater options for work-life balance for most people (it's easier to ask for part-time if your skills are in high demand).
- The Career Encourager

Career Encourager:

Thanks for reading and sharing the feedback! I agree with you - the idea that functional organizations will disappear from the business landscape does feed a lot of career misperceptions. Your advice here is timeless!

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